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  • Man Takes Selfie With Cute Quokka, And She Won’t Leave Him Alone

    When he decided to bike around Rottnest Island with his girlfriend, we bet Campbell Jones from Landsdale never expected to bond with the happiest animal on earth, the quokka. Quokkas are a type of small wallaby indigenous in Rottnest Island. They are nocturnal creatures, so it was a pleasant surprise for Jones to encounter one […]

  • 12 Inflexible Dads Who “Didn’t Want The Damn Dog In The House”

    Having a dog is a big responsibility. Along with so many greater responsibilities in life, most prefer not to intentionally add more weight by getting a pet. However, no matter how much you resist the idea of adopting a dog, your heart of stone will surely melt in the sight of one adorable pup. That […]

  • 24 Unique Animals With Vitiligo Who Look Like They’re Running Out Of Ink

    Vitiligo is a skin-disorder that causes the body’s immune system to attack its own skin cells called melanocytes, which gives us our skin color. Everybody knows vitiligo is pretty rare, but what most people don’t know is that vitiligo can affect animals too. Despite being labelled as a “disorder”, the white patches all over skin […]

  • 28 Photos That Will Make You Need To Say ‘Awww’ So Bad

    Cute aggression is a psychological thing. It’s that strange, uncontrollable feeling involving a deep inhale before exclaiming a high pitched ‘awww’. It’s like your soul being flooded with a gazillion emotions that drive you to act aggressively to the point of wanting to squeeze, bite, or hug a particular adorable stimulus. Today you’ll get a […]

  • 16 Heartwarming Photos Proving That Children Really Need A Dog In Their Life

    Pets and dogs aren’t just animals to us, they are good friends and life companions. Ok, they can’t speak, but they have their very own way to communicate with us and we all feel like we can perfectly understand all of their feelings. It’s also scientifically proven that living with a dog and developing a […]

  • 25 Of The Fluffiest Cats Ever

    With their long and dense fur, cats are among the fluffiest of fluffy animals on land. Most of their cuteness can be attributed to their soft fur that range from stark whites, browns, ginger, and even to night black. When you think you’ve seen all colors, the internet coughs up a unique one. That said, […]

  • Russian Farmer Thought He Adopted Four Stray Kittens, But He Soon Realized Things Were A Little Bit Different

    Cats are tough animals with their famed 9 lives. We catch them on our roofs, street alleys, under stairs, and anywhere they can find warmth. Notoriously quick to breed, mother cats give birth to many litters simultaneously. The are fiercely protective, but unfortunately they aren’t always able to find a safe place to give birth and […]

  • 24 Hilarious Animal Snapchats That Will Make Your Day So Much Better

    In the world of Snapchat, there is an endless potential for humor and animals are not exempted. With their natural playfulness, it is not rare to find them stuck in a peculiar position or catching them in the act of mischief. Snap snap, add a clever text, and post! Within minutes, people will get to […]

  • 45 Tumblr Posts About Animals That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At

    If you’re looking for some good laugh, well then you are in the right place. Here at Just Something we aim to deliver instant pick me ups guaranteed to make your day even brighter. Whether you are feeling tired or sad, you can shake off the negativity by scrolling through these hilarious photos of animals. […]

  • 12 Heartbreaking First-World Cat Problems

    As problem-free as they may seem, cats also have their fair share of gloomy days. Whether it is jealousy about other cats in the internet or about the sad reality of being neutered, every first-world cat problem will have you bawling in seconds. All it takes is one look at their goopy little eyes, and […]

  • 23 Times Animals Were The Biggest Adorable Jerks Ever

    Animals are born with abilities different from what we have. They can naturally camouflage, they can fly, they can omit poison for self-defense, and a lot of other cool stuff. In contrast with that, they clearly are not as intellectual as humans. Since they can’t communicate with us, we find it hard to comprehend what […]

  • 24 Cats Who Should Probably Reconsider Their Life Decisions

    Cats are generally believed to be clever, but like the rest of us mortals, they’re prone to making terrible life decisions. Not exactly the brightest in the animal kingdom, we often catch them in awkward situations. With their natural sass and attitude, it is often very amusing to see them in less-than-ideal positions. Whether stuck […]

  • Animal Shelter Shoots Hilarious Low-Budget Cat Commercial, But Never Expected It Would Go This Viral

    Sick of the usual advertisements and commercials you see on TV? Well, this one is definitely out of the ordinary. Furkids Animal Shelter is a rescue organization based in Atlanta, Georgia. Their improvised ad called “Kitty Kommercial” has gone viral on the Internet, trumping those professionally-done videos that might have cost a fortune. Who needs […]

  • 22 Adorable Police Puppies Trying To Look Tough, But Failing Miserably

    There’s always a first time for everything. Whether it is our first time to cook, drive, or finally be employed, one way or another, we are going to mess things up a bit. It’s the same with these police puppies struggling their way into training as they strive become life savers. From finding and apprehending […]