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  • 14 Huge Cats Who Are Clearly Not Kittens Anymore

    Internet loves cats and that’s a fact. The reason is that they’re cute, mysterious and have some impressive ninja skills. The 14 cats of this gallery may be a little less cute and a little less agile than the average, and even if they grew up to be unexpectedly huge, we are sure that for […]

  • 15 Dogs Who Weren’t Expecting You To Come Back Home So Early

    Have you ever wondered what your dog does when you aren’t at home? Once I set up a camera and figured out that when my dog was a just a puppy she used to sleep until 4pm, then she played for half an hour, leaving all the toys around the room, and then go back […]

  • 20 Adorable Photos Proving That Children Really Need A Cat In Their Life

    If you had a cat when you were a kid, you know children and cats often develop a very strong bond and these little furry friend can be a special life companion for every child in the early stages of his life. These 20 beautiful photos show us how strong and adorable a friendship between […]

  • 22 Adorably Tiny Puppies That Will Make Your Heart Melt From Cuteness

    Only a few things in this world are able to melt people’s hearts almost instantly, and one of these things are without any doubt puppies. Their cute, defenseless look is really something we humans can’t resist. These 22 photos of adorably tiny puppies are an incredibly powerful concentrate of cuteness that will relieve the stress […]

  • 18 Hilarious Tweets About Animals That Will Make Your Day So Much Better

    If you just need to have some fun today, these 18 hilarious and kinda weird tweets about animals are what it takes to make your day a lot better. Animals are an endless source of fun for the creative people on Twitter, who keep entertaining us with some rare gems. (h/t: buzzfeed) 1. 2. 3. […]

  • Rescue Dog Can’t Stop Smiling After Being Saved, Helps Couple Find Love

    In this world full of uncertainties sometimes, we perceive hope as mere expectations more than possibilities. However, for Meatball or Meaty, a rescued smiley Pit Bull mix, life is beautiful. He luckily ended up in Lisa Reilly’s care and love, who shared in her Petco’s essay how she found love in Meaty’s smiles after seeing him […]

  • 16 Hilarious Photos Of Dogs Who Got Kicked Out Of Their Bed By Cats

    Have you seen how Garfield used to kick Odie off of the couch? This only shows that despite the fact dogs are known to be stronger and bigger than cats, sometimes they aren’t as fierce as expected. Most of the time, they are gentle, generous and patient. Well, for some reason, these soft sides of […]

  • This Cozy Cat Hoodie With Kangaroo Pouch Lets You Literally Wear Your Cat

    Cats are one of the most adorable fluffy four legged creatures, especially in the eyes of their “pawrents”. They are like furballs packed with cuteness and they just love being cuddled so much. If you are one of those cat lovers who enjoy taking a stroll with your feline but find it inconvenient to carry […]

  • 15 Guilty Pugs Being Shamed For Their Pug Crimes

    Pugs are adorable, they look so calm and friendly, but according to these 15 pictures as soon as you’re not looking they do the craziest things. They can go from licking your face to pooping on your carpet in just seconds. But we all still love them, because no matter what they do, they will […]

  • Meet Pompous Albert, The Office Cat Who Looks Always Pissed Off

    The internet loves Pompous Albert and is making him a celebrity, but you can definitely see he’s not impressed with it. This Selkirk Rex cat from Salt Lake City was named after Albert Einstein, and shares with his human counterpart a subtle resemblance. Pompous Albert’s owners share on his Instagram page photos of the cat […]

  • 9 Dogs’ Adorable Transformation Before And After Having A Haircut

    Haircuts can totally change a person’s face, and it’s just the same for longhaired dogs. Inspired by the huge difference grooming can make, Los Angeles based animal photographer Grace Chon started a photo series to highlight such a transformation. The nine dogs portrayed in this post have all been groomed in a Japanese grooming style […]

  • 15 Funny Photos Of Dogs Standing Awkwardly. #4 Is The Best Ever.

    Dogs are supposed to walk on their four legs, and seeing them standing up for any reason is awkwardly funny. Here are 15 of the most hilarious photos you will ever see of dogs who like to stand up but look totally funny. (h/t: sadanduseless) If you like this post, share it with your friends […]

  • Man Is Taking His Dog Diagnosed With Cancer On One Last Epic Road Trip

    According to the dictionary, a hero is “a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities”. For us, a hero is a person like Robert Kugler, who decided to take his beloved dog diagnosed with cancer on an epic farewell road trip across the country. Kugler had to amputate Bella’s left […]