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  • Animal Abusers Will Finally Be Registered, Just Like What Happens With Sex Offenders

    One too many videos of violence against animals have gone viral on the internet over the years. Anti-cruelty organizations like PETA have done several campaigns in an effort to help animals live cruelty-free lives. With the growing number of cases, an initiative like an Animal-Abuse Registry is a huge step forward. Similar to the sex-offenders […]

  • 22 Sleepy Puppies Who Are Just Too Tired To Care

    What could ever be a more adorable sight to see other than a slumbering little puppy? If you own a dog, you know you can’t deny that. But for those who are not quite convinced about it, we can’t help but showing you exactly what we mean. There’s so much peace in those sleeping puppy […]

  • 20 Adorable Tattoos For People Who Totally Love Animals

    If you are an animal lover, and you are planning on getting a tattoo, we are sure you will appreciate these 20 adorable ideas about tattoos with animal subjects. From cats, to pandas, to wolves, there’s one for every flavor, and whether you’d like a stylized and minimal tattoo, or a photorealistic one, we got […]

  • Bolivian Monastery Adopts Homeless Dog, And He Becomes ‘Friar Mustache’

    When he was just a stray pup, little did Carmelo know he would have been adopted by a Franciscan monastery in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and became its cutest member. After being adopted by the monastery, Carmelo was given the perfect nickname ‘Friar Bigotón’ (Friar Mustache), thanks to his unmistakable furry muzzle, and even got a perfectly […]

  • 30 Photos Proving That Corgi Mixes Are Just Corgis In Disguise

    If there’s a dog breed that wins the internet everyday, that one is definitely the Corgi. The web is full of photos and videos of cute Corgis doing even cuter things, but what most people don’t know is that some incredibly particular Corgi mixes exist too, and some of them are a real cuteness overload. […]

  • 29 Hilarious Photos That Are Just So True If You Own A Dog

    If you own a dog, you know exactly how hilarious they can get. They are a wiz at facial expressions that leave you laughing your heart out and they are masters at the game of going around the system, and it makes you love them even more. No matter what they do, they are always able to […]

  • 16 Happy Dogs Who Just Met Their Humans For The First Time

    If you’ve ever adopted a pet, you know almost nothing feels like bringing him home for the first time. The first few hours are so emotional, you and the pet quickly establish a bond that will last a lifetime, made of free hugs and unconditional love. The following 16 images depicting happy dogs who are meeting […]

  • 24 Purrrfect Cat Pictures That Impossible Not To Laugh At

    Cats are the drama queens of the animal kingdom. They can show off some attitude, and sometimes they even nail the look of being annoyed and pissed, yet we find them adorable more and more each day. They can also look adorably vulnerable that you just want to squeeze them and put them in your […]

  • 25 Photos Proving That Cats Are Basically Ninjas

    Cats continually amaze us with the many things they are capable of doing. They can make us laugh, and even make us tear up with just one look at their googly eyes. But just when you think you’ve seen it all, we are once again proven wrong. Behind that adorable and fluffy facade, these furry […]

  • Meet Louboutina, The Golden Retriever Who Gives Hugs To Literally Everyone She Meets

    It all started on a sad Valentine’s day for pet owner Cesar Fernandez-Chavez from Chelsea, New York. He had just recently ended a long-term relationship when his Golden Retriever named Louboutina (or Loubie, for short) held his hands with both her paws. According to Fernandez-Chavez, “She started sitting up and grabbing my hands with both […]

  • 18 Weird Things Cat Owners Will Never Admit They Secretly Do

    If you’re a cat owner, you know there are things only cat owners can fully understand. There are so many things you’ve done that may seem weird to those who don’t have a cat. Some are slightly embarrassing, and quite a few you’d never actually admit. Here are 18 awkward things all cat owners do, […]

  • 15 Weird Things All Dog Owners Have Done At Least Once But Will Never Admit

    Being a pet parent means you have unlimited cuddles and unconditional love. When you know there’s someone waiting and excited for you to come home every day, such as a furry little creature, everything just seems brighter. And while an enthusiastic dog can be quite a handful on some days, it is all worth it […]

  • Cat Saved And Raised By Huskies Now Thinks He’s A Dog

    Today’s heroic story is about Lilo the Husky and Rosie the cat. Rosie was very sickly when she was rescued, and seemed like she won’t survive the night. However, Lilo took care of Rosie as if she was her own family, and helped her during her recovery. Thanks to Lilo, Rosie has not only physically […]

  • 22 Before And After Photos Of Dogs Who Are Still The Same, Just Bigger

    For a lot of us dog lovers, our dogs have played a very important role in our lives especially if we’ve had them since their puppy days. As we spend more time with them and grow old with them, they are drawn closer to our hearts. They may have grown bigger but their value do […]

  • 20 Hilarious Photos Of Cats That Will Make You Laugh Way More Than You Should

    Love cute cats? We do too! It’s a good thing the internet never runs out of new and totally adorable photos of cats. The best part is, they never run out of hilarious moves and poses to take photos of. We’ve caught them in suspicious situations, awkward poses, and with goofy expressions on their tiny […]