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  • 23 Times Animals Were The Biggest Adorable Jerks Ever

    Animals are born with abilities different from what we have. They can naturally camouflage, they can fly, they can omit poison for self-defense, and a lot of other cool stuff. In contrast with that, they clearly are not as intellectual as humans. Since they can’t communicate with us, we find it hard to comprehend what […]

  • 24 Cats Who Should Probably Reconsider Their Life Decisions

    Cats are generally believed to be clever, but like the rest of us mortals, they’re prone to making terrible life decisions. Not exactly the brightest in the animal kingdom, we often catch them in awkward situations. With their natural sass and attitude, it is often very amusing to see them in less-than-ideal positions. Whether stuck […]

  • Animal Shelter Shoots Hilarious Low-Budget Cat Commercial, But Never Expected It Would Go This Viral

    Sick of the usual advertisements and commercials you see on TV? Well, this one is definitely out of the ordinary. Furkids Animal Shelter is a rescue organization based in Atlanta, Georgia. Their improvised ad called “Kitty Kommercial” has gone viral on the Internet, trumping those professionally-done videos that might have cost a fortune. Who needs […]

  • 22 Adorable Police Puppies Trying To Look Tough, But Failing Miserably

    There’s always a first time for everything. Whether it is our first time to cook, drive, or finally be employed, one way or another, we are going to mess things up a bit. It’s the same with these police puppies struggling their way into training as they strive become life savers. From finding and apprehending […]

  • Meet Apollo, The One-Eyed Cat Who Found A Forever Home After A 1,5 Year Wait

    It’s a tough world out there, especially for animals. When people go into pet stores, most of them look for cute fluff-balls and pets they can show off on Instagram or walk around town with. When you’re a one-eyed cat, however, it can take a long time to find a forever family willing to accept, […]

  • 16 Hilarious Animal Fails That Will Make You Feel Guilty For Laughing

    Animals generally have hyper-sharp senses and reflexes, but alas, all of us humble created beings must keep the cosmic balance of the universe. Betrayed by their usually quick instincts, rare mishaps occur in the heat of the moment and it can result to disastrous and hilarious scenes. Think puppies falling into ponds, mice caught awkwardly […]

  • Meet Yana, The Adorable Two-Faced Cat The Internet Has Fallen In Love With

    We are sure you never thought the word “two-faced” could be this adorable! Yana the cat owes her striking two-tone fur to a genetic anomaly called chimerism. She has cells from different zygotes that lent her the unique fur color that sets her apart from all other cats. Her owner Elizabeth mentioned that not only […]

  • 20 Funny Photos Of Cats Sleeping On Their Dog Friends

    We’re pretty sure everyone remembers that age-old rivalry between cats and dogs, but apparently these particular cats and dogs didn’t get the memo. These days, we see more and more proof of the two species getting along and being cute together. Nothing beats seeing adorable photos of cats and dogs getting cozy beside each other […]

  • 16 Adorable Photos Of Animals Before And After Being Called A Good Boy

    Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy? Well, apparently, these cute pets are! After photos of a reddit user’s dog circulated on the Internet, others have taken a shot at snapping before-and-after photos of their own pets being called a good boy and they’re totally adorable! Puppies are utterly delighted, the cats are their […]

  • This Woman Restored An Old Van To Travel The World With Her Dog

    Marina Piro from Italy has built a mobile home straight out of Pinterest. Having always dreamed of seeing the world with her rescue dog named Odie, Marina finally took a step last year when she bought a 5-door 2001 Renault Kangoo, remodeled it, and named it Pam. She gutted the van and did her own […]

  • 24 Hilarious Photos Of Cats Posing Like Pin-Up Girls

    Just when we thought cats couldn’t get any more amusing, here comes a blog by Australian creative freelancer Rachael Aslett, entitled Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls. The Tumblog features photos of pin-ups paired with a photo of a cat posing in a strikingly similar manner. Cats have been an endless source of entertainment […]

  • 16 Of The Funniest Cat Tweets Of 2016

    Cats had pretty much ruled the internet with amusement and cuteness overload. From viral videos to memes, they got the virtual world covered. It is of no wonder why they made it in the spotlight as they are emblems sheer cuddliness and laughter. In addition to that, the holidays won’t be complete without them, so […]

  • 20 Dog Fails That Will Make You Laugh More Than You Should

    Dogs are little furry balls of positive energy that instantly brighten up our days. Whenever they fail at something, they still manage to stay adorable and to keep things cool. No matter what kind of mishap they get into, they always make us smile or even tear up out of giddy laughter. It seems dogs […]

  • 10 Funny Illustrations Depicting What It’s Like to Celebrate Christmas With Pets

    Feeling the Christmas spirit yet? If you aren’t, these cute illustrations of pets during Christmas will put you in the right mood! Russian illustrator Lingvistov recently came out with a series of quirky illustrations about what it’s like to have pets during Christmas. From wrecked Christmas trees to keeping the dog from attacking the ornaments, […]

  • 24 Cats Who Are So Happy Your Christmas Tree Is Finally Back Again

    Christmas is just around the corner and these cats couldn’t be more excited! It’s no big secret that cats love to climb up trees, roofs, and all sorts of high places, but this time of the year, it’s Christmas trees they’re scaling. Perhaps they just love the height or rubbing their fur against the leaves? […]