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  • These “Not Available on the App Store” stickers remind people there’s a life outside our smartphones

    “Not Available on the App Store” is a nice idea by three Swedish digital media students, Rafael Ochoa, Caio Andrade and Linn Livijn Wexell. They have created these thought provoking stickers mimicking the famous Apple’s “Available on the App Store badge”. It’s a clever guerrilla art initiative, done with the aim to make people realize […]

  • The 15 worst Christmas advertising fails of all time

    Christmas holidays are almost over and everybody had his present. Here at Just Something we want to celebrate the last days of festivity by showing you the most disturbing, inopportune, tackiest Christmas advertising of all time. Can you imagine modern ads publicizing tomahawks, cigarettes and rifles as gift ideas for Christmas? Brace yourself, because that’s […]

  • 16 imaginative LEGO ads that celebrate the power of fantasy

    I guess everybody reading this post has played at least once in his lifetime with LEGO. These little colored bricks are without any doubt one of the most creative activities for kids (not only kids, I would say…). With few colored blocks of LEGO you can build a whole new world and I really can’t […]

  • 23 creatively funny print ads that will make you giggle. Some of these are totally brilliant!

    Everyone of us is the target of some particular advertising campaign, some of you may be more receptive to controversial advertisements and some other to strong imagery. However, there is a category of advertising that usually manages to attract the majority of people, the funny ads. Advertisers know that humor can stick in people’s minds […]

  • Pepsi teases Coca-Cola with this Halloween advertising

    Celebrations and festivities are always a big opportunity for Ad agencies to create something unusual. This Halloween Pepsi didn’t let the opportunity pass and released this ironic ad, made by the Brussels based agency Buzz in a Box, where a Pepsi can is dressed with a red cape branded with Coca-Cola logo, with the tagline […]

  • Awesome Honda’s optical illusion commercial and making of

    Popular Japanese car manufacturer Honda recently released Illusions, a television commercial focused on optical tricks, with the concept explained by the tag line Impossible made possible. The campaign’s aim is to debunk all the preconceptions about expensive and gas-drinker SUVs by presenting Honda CR-V Diesel as the thrifty, economical Sport Utility Vehicle, retaining though all […]

  • Thought-provoking UN ad campaign reveals world’s pervasive sexism

    International advertising agency Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai realized a powerful campaign for United Nations’ entity for gender equality and empowerment of women UN Women. This series of ads makes use of some real women related Google searches representing negative feelings and stereotypes against women to expose the issue of sexism and gender discrimination. “When […]

  • What if brands had a honest slogan?

    Logos and relative payoffs are a crucial part of branding. These symbols contain the soul and the essence of companies, that through slogans explain their philosophy. But as we all know, companies often “lie”, communicating a message slightly different from reality. What’d happen if companies used payoff that actually reflects reality? The blog Honest Slogans is […]

  • The amazing things that security cameras can see

    We are used to see only bad things such as robbery, violence, car crashes captured by security cameras, but as always even in this case there is a bright side. This beautiful Coca-Cola commercial shows us some of the amazing things that those same cameras can capture: stolen kisses, nice actions, honesty demonstrations, innocuous fights […]

  • Blender company crumbles new iPhones 5S and 5C

    Just like every year, the two mad scientists at Blendtec had fun testing the effectiveness of their blenders smashing and crushing the newest Apple devices. They usually do that with all the most popular electronic devices and also with the weirdest objects. It’s quite hypnotic watching 900 $ devices turning into crumbles in a few […]

  • A submarine emerges from the ground in the center of Milan

    Yesterday at 8 in the morning a big surprise astonished Milan citizens, as a submarine emerged from the ground in the center of the city in via Mercanti, just a few meters far from the Duomo, the city’s cathedral. The capitan of the submarine #LF13 got lost during the maneuvers, and in the first TV […]

  • Chickens brilliantly featured in Mercedes Benz Commercial

    Did you ever expect to see the chickens featured in a luxury car commercial? Apparently chickens and 60.000 $ cars have nothing to do with each other, but the creatives hired by Mercedes Benz for this campaign seem to have found a valid analogy, and used it to advertise their cars. If you have ever […]