Can We Guess Your Real Age?

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Some say you are as old as you feel, that age is not only about how long you have been living on this planet, but most of all it’s a state of mind.

We all know people who are much younger than their actual age, and people who is so incredibly old inside.
I’ve tried this test my self and, weird enough, the result was 29, which is actually my “physical” age. Answer these simple 15 questions and let us guess your real age too.
As usual, remember that the aim of this test is just to take a small break and have a couple minutes of amusement. Enjoy.


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  1. totally wrong. I don’t know, maybe somethin isn’t
    going well with me. I’m 17 and it defined me as 62…

  2. You are a little reckless. You feel the big 5-0 approaching, so you start acting like a 20 year olf. Try to relax and accept the progress, 50 is not that bad! So, how did we do? Did we get it right or wrong? Tell us in the comments.

    I Am 20….

  3. Not very close.. I’m 34, quiz said 42. But then again, hubby and I both act older than we are, so I guess it’s probably right in judging my internal age.

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