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    Shiba Inu Who Survived House Fire Becomes Therapy Dog For Burn Victims

    Taka is a Shiba Inu with a tragic backstory that is using his experiences to bring hope and comfort to others. The nine-year-old dog was badly burned in a fire back in 2018, and after some time at the Care More Animal Hospital, he was adopted by one of the vet techs, Crystal Lesley, who […] More

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    Lion, Tiger And Bear Were Rescued As Cubs And Became Best Friends For Life

    The BLT huddle

    Have you heard the story of how The BLT - Baloo, Leo and Shere Khan came to be? Baloo the American black bear, Leo the African lion, and Shere Khan the Bengal tiger; known as "The BLT" came to Noah's Ark in 2001 after they were discovered by police officers in a basement of an Atlanta home during a drug raid. At only a few months old, all three cubs were frightened, malnourished, and infected with internal and external parasites when the Georgia Department of Natural Resources brought them to Noah’s Ark.Baloo, Leo and Shere Khan eat, sleep, and play together and even seek out grooming and affection from one another, head rubbing and licking each another. Their terrifying early months in life bonded the three together and they are truly inseparable despite their obvious differences. How far can we spread their story? Please share. :-) <3www.noahs-ark.org

    Posted by Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary: home of the BLT on Saturday, June 6, 2015

    A lifelong bond was formed between three unlikely friends after they suffered terrible hardships together. In 2001, Leo, an African lion, Shere Khan, a Bengal tiger, and Baloo, a black bear, were saved from their hellish living conditions. The trio was found in Atlanta, in the basement of a drug dealer. They had been horribly […] More

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    Children Read Books To Shy Shelter Dogs To Prepare Them For A New Family

    Shelter dogs need a lot of love and support while they wait to find their forever homes, and the children in the Shelter Buddies Reading Program are doing their part to help the shy and nervous dogs at the Humane Society of Missouri. The Shelter Buddies Reading Program is a beautiful initiative that lets children […] More

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    21 Funny Photos Of “Low-Resolution” Cats Behind Pixelated Glass Doors

    Watching a cat through a pixelated glass door shouldn’t be funny, but for some reason these photos are quite amusing. One of the latest internet trends is posting photos of your cat taken through glass-block panes and the result is a 8-bit-like image. These kitties look like they’ve stepped right out of a retro videogame […] More

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    Chicken In Tutus Are A Thing Now, And We Frankly Don’t Know What To Think

    Chickens are wonderful creatures. Not everyone knows this, but chickens are both smart and affectionate and in the right hands they can become excellent companion animals. And, apparently, another little-known fact is that they look fabulous in tutus! A strange new trend has taken the internet by storm. Under the hashtag #chickentutu, chicken enthusiasts are […] More

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