38 Incredibly Powerful Photos From The Past. The Last One Is A Must See.

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31. Space survivor chimp poses after his successful mission (1961)


32. The last group of prisoners to leave Alcatraz (1963)


33. Melted remnants after a fire at Madam Tussauds Museum in London (1930)


34. Illegal alcohol being poured on the streets during Prohibition in Detroit (1929)


35. Princeton students after a Freshman vs Sophomore snowball fight (1893)


36. A girl with artificial legs (1890)


37. The day Sweden began driving on the right side of the road (1967)


38. Happiness. An Austrian kid receives a new pair of shoes during WWII (1944)


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  1. I was terrified at #33, because the caption didn’t say it was a wax museum. After seeing the words “melted” and “museum” I kind of got that though. But it was incredibly creepy for those five seconds where I thought they were real people.

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