38 Incredibly Powerful Photos From The Past. The Last One Is A Must See.

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21. A sun tan machine (1949)


22. Guy reading in a ruined book store in London after an air raid (1940)


23. Walter Yeo, before and after one of the first skin transplants (1917)


24. Beach patrols measuring women’s swimsuits. In the 1920s women could be fined if found wearing a bathing suit shorter than a certain size (1920)


25. Martin Luther King Jr. and his son removing a burned cross from his front yard(1960)


26. A lifeguard in the 1920s


27. A circus hippo pulling a cart (1924)


28. Mother and son look at the mushroom cloud after a nuclear test in Las Vegas (1953)


29. This mother, who put her children for sale, shamefully hides her face (1948)


30. Nazi officers and cadets’s Christmas dinner (1941)


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  1. I was terrified at #33, because the caption didn’t say it was a wax museum. After seeing the words “melted” and “museum” I kind of got that though. But it was incredibly creepy for those five seconds where I thought they were real people.

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