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33 amazing ideas that will make your house awesome

Everybody has a dream house in his mind, some of you may want a pool, or maybe an aquarium, somebody else’s dream could be a firepit inside the living room. But how weird can your desires get?

Bored Panda compiled a list of 33 amazing (and creative) ideas that will make your house awesome, some are probably unrealizable for the most part of us, but some are utterly creative and could make some of you happy.

Lets see this list together.

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1. Aquarium Bed


2. Chandelier That Turns Your Room into a Forest


3. Indoor-Outdoor Pool


4. Swing Set Table


5. Beach Sand Under Your Work Desk

amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-28-1 amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-28-2

6. Spiral Staircase Slide


7. Cat Transit System

amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-2-1 amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-2-2

8. Glass Floor and an Open Shaft Below Your Bathroom


9. Fusion Dining And Pool Table

amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-21-1 amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-21-2

10. Hammock Bed


11. Understairs Storage


12. Backyard Cinema


13. Ping Pong Door

amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-1-1 amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-1-2

14. A Wall That Plays Music When It Rains


15. See-through Bathtub


16. Vertical Herb Garden in Your Kitchen


17. Bookcase Staircase

amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-8-2 amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-8-1

18. Back Yard Beach-Themed Fire Pit


19. Spiral Wine Storage

amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-11-1 amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-11-2

20. Treehouse Room For Kids


21. Pirate Ship Bedroom For Yourself

amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-38-1 amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-38-2

22. Walk-In Pool


23. Door of Swatches


24. Hammock Over the Stairs

amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-15 amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-15-2

25. Ice Cave In Your Room


26. Skate-park Room

amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-17-1 amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-17-2

27. Fire Pit Table


28. Backyard Office


29. Indoor Slide

amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-30-1 amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-30-2

30. Catwalk Around The House


31. Table Firepit


32. Kitchen Table Tennis


33. Balcony Pool



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  1. Omg I would definitely want the shaft in my bathroom even though it would scare the crap out of me

    • Cian Redmond

      Well you’d be sitting in the right place

    • sdfasf

      at least pooping would be quicker

    • Yep

      That’s what she said.

  2. Megan

    lol at the beach sand under desk, once you stand up all the stand will be stuck to your feet and your room will be full of sand. XD But the cat ones are cool! 😀 The table tennis in the kitchen was dumb too..what if it had hit the oven at the back.

    • markp

      Um … nothing? It’s a ping pong ball. It weighs all of, like, a gramme. It’d have to be moving at supersonic speed to even leave a mark, let alone cause any damage.

      With you on the sand thing though.

      • MitchL

        I think it was more of a reference of plastic ball hitting something hot. melting plastic isn’t a good look.

        • Kreepie

          …really? Was it? 😉

  3. Thank you for including one of my cat enclosures (Catwalk around this house) in your list. It is in Saanich, BC, Canada

    • justsomething

      It’s totally awesome John!

  4. How cool stuff. I can use some when we build our house. Like the bathroom lol

  5. I am really amazed with the ideas of Interior home design, keep up the good blogging i really appreciate.

  6. oh really amazing collection like it :) but the best is balcony pool 😀

  7. Great article!

  8. From this article I understood that nothing is impossible..every designs are creative and attractive..

  9. all were wonderfull

  10. atul bhavsar


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