31 Hilariously Cheap Chinese Imitations That Will Make You Cringe

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China is a huge and beautiful country, home of some of the biggest companies of the world, such as Lenovo, Tencent, China Mobile and many others.
On the other hand they also have always been popular for their cheap imitation brands, an issue difficult to solve since these products are way cheaper than the originals and they more or less look like their more expensive counterparts.
Here are some of the funniest Chinese imitations you will ever see. How about a coffee at Sunbucks now?
(h/t: Imgur)
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1. Dolce&Banana


2. PolyStation


3. Pizza Huh (?)


4. OMC McDnoald’s


5. Mike


6. Michaelsoft Binbows


7. Kicker


8. Deats by Dr.Nani?


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