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The 23 craziest Japanese inventions you never knew existed. #16 is totally hilarious!

Fun time again today here on Just Something, as we are going to show you some of the weirdest stuff from the land of the rising sun.
Japan has always been popular for being technologically one step ahead the rest of the world, but in this article you will see that sometimes they went a bit too far with fantasy.

In the following gallery you will admire some of the craziest Japanese inventions of all times. Some of them are absolutely clever but terribly uncomfortable or bad looking while some other are just totally absurd.
Between awkward ear enhancers, weird total body umbrellas and ridiculous chin rests for the daily metro journey, you will surely find the right thing for your needs.

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1. The umbrella for the avid rain-avoider



2. Ear enhancer



3. Easy ear explorer



4. Mobile toilet paper. How did live without it?



5. Metro chin-stick


6. The perks of having a baby



7. Never ending bubble wrap



8.  Never miss a drop again



9. Extendable arm for selfies


10. Sound-catcher pillow


11. Book-shaped pillow for jaded students


12. Silent Karaoke


13. Cupmen. It falls down when your noodles are hot


14. Banana slipcase


15. “Solar energy” lighter



16. Public transport helmet (Message: Wake me up at station “…” – Thanks oj, Jessie and Marina)



17. When you’re too tired to stand up (notice the happy look on his face)



18. Hug-pillow for the lonely woman



19. Leg pillow for the lonely man



20. Butter grater


21. Splash protector for the hairs



22. Wedding countdown



23. Expensive square watermelon



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  1. gang tom

    crazy japanes!!

    • Smileypeach

      The Japanese are AMAZING!

  2. oj

    the message on the helmet says ‘please wake me up when i get to ……. station’ idk what station

    • khemichan

      The station is Nishi Ogikubo in Tokyo

  3. I think no. 9 the extendable arm for selfie has been the most successful case among the inventions. Maybe they should also equipped it with a flash as well. lolx.

  4. Jessie

    16. Public transport helmet (please somebody translate the message on it)

    The thing written on the forehead is a message that says “if arrived at “_____” Station, please wake me up” :)))

  5. yc

    16. Public transport helmet (please somebody translate the message on it)

    The thing written on the forehead is a message that says “Please do not STOMP me” :)))

  6. El mensaje del gorro de la imagen #16 dice: “Despertadme antes de la estación X ” (Dicho por una amiga japonesa =) (Yo sería la graciosa que cambiaría la tarjetita por otra a la mujer jJajajajaj)

  7. z3e

    #21: I don’t think that’s a splash protector for when you eat ramen. I see that all the time in 100yen stores, and on the label it says something about a shower protector for children…i’m not really sure what it does, but on the picture of the item’s packaging, it looks like it prevents shampoo from getting into the kid’s eyes while you give him a bath.

    • Hanis

      Oh, that makes more sense than a splash protector from eating a bowl of ramen cause it’s definitely not going to do a good job at it.

    • Sandii

      Yes, that’s what the splash protector is for…to prevent shampoo from getting into children’s eyes.

  8. i think butter grazer invention are the most relevant i guess

  9. teresa wang

    #21 is a hair showering protector for children. I used to have one of these when I was little :)
    It is very useful for kids!

  10. Maddie

    They have 7 in stores in America. I own one.

  11. Woow really nyc inventions

  12. yo mum

  13. Noonehere

    Holy cheese on a stick I need #20

    • Noonehere


      Although cheese on a stick makes more sense than butter on a stick. Eh. They look similar. Not really, but somewhat *Nonsensical blabber*

  14. bonjuu

    #9 were actually invented in the philippines it’s called “Monopod”

    • yohan

      Wrong, it was invented by Wayne Fromm way back in 2004 under the name “quikpod”

      • Jeff

        A Japanese guy named Hiroshi Ueda invented the selfie stick more than 30 years ago while working at Minolta. It didn’t catch on back then because people thought self-portaits were weird.

  15. John

    It is called Chindogu. and the Japanese consider it an art form.
    It is the act of inventing something that is “almost” completely useless.
    It takes a good sense of humor to appreciate.

  16. fabi kurtmann

    hahaha, i love those ! very amusing and a few are actually quite helpful inventions for everyday life… not as funny, but a truly great invitation is also this:
    …well the idea is also not japanese, but anyway, i thought this was extremely cool!

  17. af


  18. This is quite crazy..Japanese people invest all these tools tools, devices that are simply fascinating. But small parking garage we have in my home town was really amazing. They can fit up to 15 cars or so. When If first saw that in junior high, I could not believe it…

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