22 Hilarious Struggles People With Glasses Will Understand. #8 Is So True It Hurts!

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13. The infinite struggle.

14. Every time your friends try to test your eyesight.

15.  There is a reason why I wear glasses!

16. When you have to clean your glasses but your shirt isn’t the right material.

17. When someone says “you have 4 eyes” like it’s the best joke in the world.

18. When you want to keep your glasses on an amusement park ride so you can see, but at the same time you don’t want to lose them.

19. When you need to take off your glasses to put on make up, but need them to see what you are doing.

20. Every single time.

21. When you hate seeing people putting your glasses down like this.

22. When you should have listened to your mom the night before.

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