20 terrifying two-sentence horror stories that will make you hold your breath

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    • I dont leave alone. But u can tell there is someone in my house apart of my family. Ex hearing gigling sound in the room at 3:00 night and the same thing is heard by my sister too at the same time. Next, some body ran on our roof at night when every body sleeping, sound of anklets an indian bride dancing or walking. There is 2or 3 plastc chairs on our roof so we can seat there whenever we go. But when u heard thous chairs moving at every night its not good. And when someone breathing in a room when i was in the room alone i hold my breath to make sure that i wasnt the only one in the. Even thought i wasnt bearthing i can still hear the sound of some one breathing. More things had happened in my house but i am really lucky that i bever saw them

  1. I was about to give up reading these until I got to ten. After 4 or 5 in a row about sleep(interrupted) and/or aloneness(interrupted) I started rolling my eyes at how contrived these were.

    1. sleep
    2. sleep
    3. alone
    4. sleep,alone
    5. sleep,alone
    6. sleep,sleep
    7. sleep
    8. sleep
    9. sleep,alone
    10. neither – This one was creepy.

    • That was going to be my complaint. Maybe the most terrifying thing is not knowing what the second sentence will be!

    • These two sentence stories should be read when sitting around a campfire …
      And I enjoyed reading all the comments…

  2. Here’s a scary two-sentence story that turned out quite true for me lol: “My dog keeps barking at the dark corner of the wall. I thought she was nuts until I saw it was someone standing there.”

    NOTE: That “someone” ended up being my uncle getting something from the cabinet lol.

  3. Unable to move, I stare up into the frightened eyes of my wife and attempt a comforting smile. Through her flowing hair, I catch a glimpse of the guillotine reaching its apex; she shall soon be next to me.


  4. I dreamed of watching a parade down Clark Street in Chicago. I awoke and started laughing, knowing the Cubs could will NEVER win another world series.

  5. I was walking upstairs to watch tv upstairs but i heard footsteps behind me. I looked back to see myself walking downstairs to the front door

  6. one time i stayed up all night alone in my lonely house starring at my window,i closed my eyes for a minute and there was a black figure sitting next to me starring with bright blue eyes and red nose until i realized it was a dream and woke up to find my dead husband sitting with me in a clown suit!i screamed but i knew it was all in my head

  7. I woke at 2am thought I’d have a gag groping on the table for my lighter in the dark someone struck a match I live alone

  8. I awoke suddenly to hear someone trying to enter the door of my high-rise, studio apartment located in the heart of Manhattan. Knowing that my close neighbor had recently been raped, I clumsily took three shots from the gun my boyfriend had given me Wednesday, before realizing I had given him a set of keys the very same day.

  9. Here is a good horror story,”As I was playing on my laptop, my dog outside Bessie was continuously barking. She had been doing that lately until I let her inside. So I groan and walk to the door and open the door. I was about to close the door when I saw my dogs terrified face outside of the door and I then looked at the horrible slimy monster I let in”

    • he cant remember when he slept . . he keeps on waking as if he is dreaming always !! ex: at this exact moment you reading this comment and then you wake up from a sleep !!

  10. This one is old but honestly, a bit scarier all of these:
    “The last man in the world sat in a room.
    Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.”

    One I recall reading was something like…

    “I’m told I’m gonna visit my grandmother for summer vacation. She’s been dead for three years.”

    Another one I recall is:
    “I have a crush on a girl who walks past my window every day. I live on the third floor.”

    • My twin brother passed away 26 years ago. When I look in the mirror I can still see his face looking at me over my shoulder.

  11. I’m sat alone in my room in darkness on my iPod There’s creepy music on the tv program my mum is watching down stairs at times I wanted to scream for my mum reading Thes I’m up when I’m not mention to be keep checking my room and I’m 13

  12. its awesome and terrifying as well…i too have some of the kind hallucination i guess!!? How can i share it with u…

  13. my toddler asks me to tuck him in, when i do i feel claws on my back. when i turn around my toddler is gone and i feel teeth crunching my leg

  14. me and my cousin were playing soccer in yard, i went in my room to grab my towel and when i opened to closet i saw myself, dead and bleeding, in the closet. i wanted to run away but the door got closet i looked back at the closet and nothing was there, i looked back at door and it was open
    and all my towels were in the doorway

  15. I couldn’t sleep and I felt my surroundings were colder than before.
    Then I realised my blanket was being pulled down from below.

  16. I always liked:
    I finish my shower by turning off the tap but there’s still some soap in my eyes. I can’t see but I pull back the curtain and reach out to where my towel usually is. Then someone hands it to me. I live alone…

  17. True Story: when I was younger I wouldn’t be able to sleep without a fan on. it would sit on the edge of my dresser. one night I had the t.v. off and I got scared. I didn’t want to get up to turn it back on because I was afraid something would hurt me. when I opened my eyes to make sure that everything was okay, I saw a small white figure. it reached over to my fan to shut it off, it did do so, then it just faded away. I always thought that it might have been my great grandpa or grandma trying to contact me. That happened when I was 6. I can still see the figure today. Can anyone relate?

  18. When I moved into my new house, I found a book in the attic and read a creepy story about murderer who killed people who had just moved and stole their identity. Then when I heard breathing behind me, I realised it wasn’t a story, it was his diary.

  19. I used to like watching slasher movies, curled up with my boyfriend. But during the last one I realised the victim was his ex girlfriend who went missing, and I recognised his voice behind the mask.

  20. Someone tagged a picture of me and my girlfriend from last night. We were at home lastnight and had no one around.

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